Experience some of the best diving in Fiji, all within a 15-30 minute boat ride from the island. The warm waters around Viwa Island are teeming with aquatic life and you will see reef sharks, turtles, eagle rays, yellow fin tuna, schools of barracuda, an incredible array of colourful tropical fish, and an abundance of beautiful corals. Please ask our friendly staff at our PADI accredited dive operation for details.

What a magical place to complete our diving certification! A trip to an island paradise we’ll always remember, amazing fish life, other species, beautiful coral, and the best instructor – thanks ______.

Brendan & Rebecca Green


Thanks for the best honeymoon we could possibly have asked for. Privacy, peacefulness and brilliant diving – our idea of heaven. We even dived a site never explored before – where in the world is this possible? Thx Viwa Trevor & Rachael Freeman


Diving Highlights


Explore the beautiful reefs around Viwa Island with our PADI accredited dive operation.


Discover the amazing vibrancy of Fiji’s underwater world in the pristine waters off Viwa Island.


Enjoy the pleasure of diving in exclusive dive spots which are not accessible to other divers in Fiji.

Diving Package Details

+ All rates are per person and include government taxes,
+ APEKS regulators, BCDs, tanks, fins, masks and snorkels are provided.
+ Please feel free to bring your own equipment if you feel more comfortable with that.

We have a resident Dive Instructor who can certify PADI courses up to Dive Master level. Listed below are our diving rates for fun diving and courses up until 31st March 2018 :

Scuba Review – FJ$60
Introduction To scuba – FJ$175
Discover Scuba Diving – FJ$310
Repeat Discovery Scuba Diving – FJ$245
Scuba Diver Course – FJ$970
Upgrade From Scuba Diver To Open Water – FJ$745
Open Water Course – FJ$1,245
Advanced Open Water Course – FJ$1,350

PADI Open Water Referrals

4 Dives, Log book And Certification Costs – FJ$1,080
3 Dives and Certification Costs – FJ$965
2 Dives And Certification Costs – FJ$740

Certified Divers

1 Tank Dive FJ$185
2 Tank Dives FJ$350
3 Tank Dives FJ$515
4 Tank Dives FJ$660
5 Tank Dives FJ$795
6 Tank Dives FJ$920
7 Tank Dives FJ$1,030
8 Tank Dives FJ$1,135

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